St. Francis Cancer Center

Many people diagnosed with cancer cannot access the advanced clinical trials they need. Our goal is to build a comprehensive cancer treatment center that creates a high-touch, high-tech healing environment.

Our Commitment

As a reflection of the need and the quality of our service, our infusion program has grown over 142% in the last 3 years alone. Furthermore, Bon Secours St. Francis already has one of the largest clinical research programs in South Carolina and a nationally-recognized cancer survivorship program. These examples of excellence reflect the patient-centered approach that flows from our faith-based mission, which recognizes life as a gift from God and healing as our ministry in Jesus Christ.

The Need

Every year, over 4,000 more Upstate residents are diagnosed with cancer. At present, however, the care available is often fragmented across health systems, facilities, and campuses. Too many patients have no access to the advanced clinical trials they need.

Our Response

A comprehensive 65,000 square-foot cancer treatment center will create a high-touch, high-tech healing environment, streamlining and enhancing the patient care experience by reducing patient wait times when every moment counts, by offering patients choices in many aspects of their treatment process, and by conveniently centralizing care in one all-outpatient campus.

Facility Features

  • The most advanced digital linear accelerator in existence (LINAC), technology available nowhere else in Greenville
  • An increase in treatment areas from the current 30 to 51 An on-site infusion pharmacy to allow rapid preparation
  • Full video-conferencing capabilities to allow collaboration with the Gibbs Cancer Center whenever the need arises
  • Cancer nurse navigators, who personalize care in a one-on-one relationship, offering guidance through the entire course of treatment
  • One of the best clinical trials research programs in South Carolina
  • Nationally recognized cancer survivor program