Cliff Roy

Cliff Roy's mother, Cecile, was a dedicated volunteer for the St. Francis Festival of Trees, initiating the lovely Poinsettia Tree.

Throughout their life, Cecile and her husband, Donald, gave generously to both the downtown and eastside campuses.

Perhaps the most meaningful contribution from the Roy family came in Cecile's honor: The St. Francis Book of Prayers and Thoughts for Living. Nearly fifteen years ago, while shopping with her daughter and grandchildren, Cecile collapsed. This episode left her aphasiac, unable to speak or care for herself, but her ministry was far from complete. As Cliff put it, "God puts you here for a purpose, and everything happens for a reason."

With her eyes, her tone, her fingers, Cecile communicated compassion, and, as Cliff testifies, she showed her grandchildren how to love. Though the children never held a conversation with her, she brought laughter to the table and left a lasting impression of the simple and powerful connection of love between people.

When the Foundation Board was discussing the need for a prayer book, Cliff responded fervently: "That's how my mother's going to speak." He knew he was meant to do this.

Together with Sister Dorothy, Emilie Pazdan and Mack Pazdan, Cliff designed and developed the prayer book stating, "There is a prayer in here for you whoever you are." Prayers from the book have set the tone for countless meetings, comforted patients at the bedside, and inspired St. Francis staff in fulfilling their calling here.

Cliff has distributed the prayer books in the community for years, and he tells of a woman who had lost her mother and found faith and peace through the scripture and prayers in the book. This hope spread, as her son also came to faith, gave up drugs, and began a ministry with a local charity for others in need. This small, simple gift multiplied in the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

Cliff's personal favorite is the book's closing prayer, "Let There Be Peace on Earth":

With every step I take, let this be my solemn vow;
To take each moment,
And live each moment in peace eternally!
Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.